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Hello! I'm Bo Sepehr

I’m Bo Sepehr, CIO with decades of experience in business and IT management. As the CIO of AMEG Enterprises, I bring an AI-driven vision to disaster recovery. Leveraging my extensive expertise, I ensure the integration of cutting-edge technologies, like AI-powered early warning systems, predictive analytics, and infrastructure monitoring. With a proven track record of success, I’m dedicated to driving innovation and ensuring project excellence.

An excerpt of my background:

My journey began in 2012 when I founded Uniwebb Software with a dream to bridge the gap between technology and businesses. Over time, this venture flourished into a haven for tailored software solutions, serving a diverse clientele and sparking innovation.

Now, I’m humbled and honored to take on the role of Chief Information Officer at AMEG LLC. Merging my entrepreneurial spirit with AMEG’s vision, I aim to steer the company’s tech evolution towards excellence. From Uniwebb’s origins to AMEG’s future, my heart lies in shaping tech landscapes that drive growth and positive change.


Strategic Innovator

Bo's strategic thinking propels AMEG into new horizons of disaster recovery and construction solutions.

Leadership Skills

Bo's visionary leadership drives teams towards unparalleled excellence and transformative solutions.

Specialities I bring to make your project a success!

Strategic Innovation Catalyst

Driving breakthroughs, aligning innovation with business goals.
humanitarian demining

Tech Visionary

Envisioning and creating future-focused technological solutions.
disaster response

AI Transformation Trailblazer

Unleashing AI's potential, transforming industries through pioneering strategies.
government contracting

Collaboration Catalyst

Fostering teamwork, amplifying collective excellence for project success.
AMEG disaster recovery services

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