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Hello! I'm David Baldwin

I’m David Baldwin, a retired Major General with a wealth of experience and leadership. As the CEO of AMEG Enterprises, I bring my expertise to drive success in construction management and disaster recovery services.

An excerpt of my background:

I am a highly skilled strategic leader and organizational change expert. Over my 40-year career in the US Army, I gained a broad range of skills and expertise. I had the privilege of serving as the Adjutant General of California, commanding nearly 30,000 Soldiers, Airmen, civilians, and student Cadets in the California National Guard. As a member of California’s Statewide Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Committee, I oversaw efforts to strengthen cybersecurity across government agencies. I am proud to have co-chaired the Multi-National Joint Commission for Ukrainian Defense Sector Reform, where we significantly enhanced the capabilities and interoperability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Security Services. Additionally, I serve as a board member for a charter school in the Oakland Unified School District and as a Senior Advisor to Ukraine American House, Sacramento. With two combat tours in Afghanistan, I bring firsthand experience and dedication to every endeavor.


Exemplary Leadership

General Baldwin's extensive military career showcases exceptional leadership qualities that drive success and inspire teams.

Strategic Visionary

With a keen strategic mindset, General Baldwin navigates complexities and charts a clear path for AMEG's growth and success.

Specialities I bring to make your project a success!

Construction Management

Flawless execution, exceeding client expectations.
humanitarian demining

Humanitarian Demining

Ensuring safety, building a brighter future.
disaster response

Disaster Response

Swift relief, fostering resilience in communities.
government contracting

Government Contracting

Trusted partner, powering successful government projects.
AMEG disaster recovery services

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Disaster Recovery, Government Contracting


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