Debris Removal & Management for West Feliciana Parish

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Debris Removal & Management for West Feliciana Parish

In the annals of disaster response, a chapter unfolds where West Feliciana Parish Government faced the daunting aftermath of the Mississippi River major flooding event in 2019 (DR-4462-LA). In this critical hour, AMEG emerged as the chosen savior, entrusted with the arduous task of clearing and removing debris scattered across the vast expanse of the parish.

From the outset, AMEG’s collaboration with parish representatives was marked by a sense of urgency. We delved deep into the physical conditions, assessing the unique challenges posed by the debris material. Together, we charted a course of action, identifying access points to remote areas and crafting meticulous work schedules.

With the ink barely dry on the Notice to Proceed, our dedicated crews sprang into action. They traversed accessible regions, diligently collecting storm debris and transporting it to the temporary debris management site. As the Mississippi River’s capricious levels receded, AMEG’s resolve only grew stronger. We mobilized personnel, equipment, and temporary housing facilities to the remote enclave of Cat Island, defying all odds.

Throughout the project’s duration, our seasoned project managers and skilled heavy equipment operators showcased their adaptability. They embraced the challenge of navigating the project’s unique limitations, overcoming major road damages discovered during the preconstruction assessment. With unwavering determination, we devised and executed a temporary road repair plan, ensuring seamless access and the safe operation of equipment.

Against the backdrop of a turbulent tropical weather season, we pressed on. Concurrently, road repairs and debris hauling operations unfolded, an intricate dance that upheld safety amidst nature’s whims. Our commitment to the cause propelled us forward, pushing us closer to our ultimate goal.

As the sands of time continue to flow, AMEG remains steadfast on the path to completion. By early December 2020, we are set to achieve the management and removal of sand, silt, and waterway debris, a staggering feat encompassing nearly 200,000 cubic yards. The officials of West Feliciana Parish bear witness to our unwavering dedication, noting our special attention to local private property owners and our unwavering intent to restore the area to a state surpassing its pre-disaster condition.

With gratitude in our hearts, we cherish the opportunity to serve our beloved home state and the local municipalities that form its tapestry. Together, we rise, rewriting the narrative of resilience and forging a brighter future.


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