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Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program Restoration

In the year 2017, AMEG received a noble call to action. The HUD-funded Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program sought our expertise after the devastating 2016 Louisiana floods. Honored to be chosen as the exclusive contractor for reconstruction projects, we also served as one of the prime contractors for rehabilitation endeavors.

Our commitment to the program went beyond mere construction. AMEG stepped forward to provide essential environmental lead testing, ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected homeowners. With unwavering dedication, our team conducted over 800 pre-construction assessments and 3,000 lead-based paint assessments and clearances. Additionally, we diligently completed over 400 work orders, amounting to a total of $12 million in value.

Through our relentless efforts and unfaltering support, AMEG continues to serve as a rehabilitation contractor on the esteemed Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program. Together, we build a future where homes are restored, communities flourish, and hope reigns supreme.




Louisiana home owner assistance program


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