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At AMEG, we believe in the transformative power of a home. Our Modular Housing Services page unveils a remarkable story of resilience and compassion. Imagine a community devastated by a natural disaster, or individuals left without shelter due to life's challenges. In the face of such adversity, we bring hope with our state-of-the-art, cost-effective homes that can be built in as little as 20 minutes, and entire communities in a day.

Our modular homes provide more than just physical structures; they restore comfort, security, and peace of mind. Each home is designed to offer a comforting refuge, with lockable doors, climate control, and the vital sense of personal space and dignity. These homes become the foundation from which individuals and communities can rebuild their lives, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Imagine the impact—life-changing possibilities that these homes hold for communities facing the struggles of natural disasters or individuals experiencing homelessness. Our modular housing solutions symbolize a fresh start, a beacon of hope in the midst of turmoil. Join us in the journey of empowering lives, one home at a time.



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Disaster Response & Recovery

Comprehensive disaster recovery services that restore, rebuild, and revitalize with efficiency and expertise.

General Construction

Comprehensive general construction services, delivering excellence, innovation, and quality in every project we undertake.

Restoration Services

AMEG's restoration services provide expert recovery and rejuvenation, transforming damaged spaces into thriving environments with precision and care.

Disaster Recovery, Government Contracting


Emergency Sheltering Solutions for the Unhoused and Migrant Families

Discover our unique approach to providing hope and homes for the unhoused and migrant families. At AMEGLLC, we offer more than just shelter:

Including food, hygiene, medical care, social support, IT, and recreation.
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