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Hello! I'm David Gonzales.

I’m David Gonzales with over 35 years of experience in construction management. I bring my expertise to drive success in construction management and disaster recovery services.

An excerpt of my background:

As a Construction Management Specialist at AMEG. I am responsible for overseeing the majority of construction management tasks, including developing project scopes of work and coordinating with contractors, designers, and regulatory agencies. My role involves continuous inspection, coordination, preparation and interpretation of proposals , contracts and code requirements. I ensure the adequacy of construction methods and progress while maintaining thorough documentation, preparing progress reports, and monitoring schedules. I take charge of quality control, approving materials and workmanship, and performing necessary tests. Additionally, I handle change orders, correspond with contractors, and assume responsibility for accurate measurements and construction quantity calculations.


Construction Management

David Gonzales's extensive expertise in construction management ensures efficient and effective handling of projects, driving successful outcomes.

Quality Assurance Champion

David Gonzales's meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality control ensure high standards of workmanship and project excellence.

Specialities I bring to make your project a success!

Project Precision

Navigating projects with meticulous precision
humanitarian demining

Regulatory Compliance Management

Seamlessly navigating complex regulatory requirements.
disaster response

Quality Control and Assurance

Ensuring excellence at every project stage.
government contracting

Communication, Coordination

Driving collaboration for project success.
AMEG disaster recovery services

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Disaster Recovery, Government Contracting


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