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Hello! I'm Keith Tresh

Keith Tresh, AMEG’s Chief Information Security Officer, merges deep military, governmental, and educational cybersecurity expertise to lead and innovate in digital defense, fostering a culture of collaboration and strategic foresight.

An excerpt of my background:

In my latest role as Chief Information Security Officer at AMEG Enterprises, my career’s journey—a blend of military service, public sector leadership, and educational engagement—shapes the vision I bring to our cybersecurity initiatives. My foundational years as a U.S. Army colonel instilled in me a deep understanding of strategic and operational security, a discipline I carried into my civilian career.

One of the pivotal moments in my career was my appointment by Governor Jerry Brown as California’s Chief Information Security Officer in 2011. This role marked a significant shift towards safeguarding the digital integrity of one of the largest economies in the world, enhancing the cybersecurity framework across the state’s myriad agencies and setting new standards for digital security.

Following my tenure in California and a brief consulting period in Idaho, I found a new purpose as Idaho’s CISO in 2020, focusing on collaborative, innovation-driven approaches to cybersecurity. My efforts in Idaho, particularly in fostering a people-centric security culture and driving IT modernization, are experiences I now bring to AMEG Enterprises.

At AMEG, I am determined to apply my extensive experience to strengthen our cybersecurity defenses, building on the collaborative ethos and innovative spirit that have been hallmarks of my career. My appointment by Governor Brown, and the responsibilities it entailed, underscore the level of trust and expectation I aim to meet at AMEG, ensuring our digital assets are secure and our cybersecurity practices set industry benchmarks.


Strategic Cybersecurity Visionary

Keith Tresh's strategic cybersecurity leadership, shaped by extensive military and governmental experience, drives AMEG's security initiatives forward with unmatched precision, vision, and effectiveness.

Leadership Skills

With a deep-rooted capacity for cultivating collaborative environments, honed through significant public service and educational roles, Keith enhances AMEG's cybersecurity culture, promoting team cohesion and innovation.

Specialities I bring to make your project a success!


Strategic Insight

Navigating cybersecurity with precision and foresight.

Innovative Approach

Driving advancements in cybersecurity measures.

Collaborative Leadership

Building teamwork, enhancing security culture.

Educational Impact

Sharing knowledge, shaping future cybersecurity leaders.
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